Home Additions

Mark Archambault and Stephen Archambault reviewing a home additions plan.

A well-planned home addition can be transformative and breathe new life into a home. Our team offers deep experience working with homeowners to get a whole new space from the house they’re in.

There are many reasons why you might decide to create more living space at your residence with a home addition. You may need to open up an otherwise dark space to let in new color and plenty of light. Perhaps an increase in family size requires additional bedrooms or bathrooms. Or as is often the case, you’ve dreamed of an open kitchen floor plan that opens to a lovely backyard with scenic views, and you’re now ready to take action.

Whatever the reason, Archambault Construction provides home additions that are sure to make you comfortable and happy in your current home.

We Listen to Your Needs & Create Room to Grow

The success of your home additions project is largely based on which builder you trust to deliver the finished project to your full satisfaction. When you are in the experienced hands of the Archambault Construction team, you can count on a partnership that is collaborative and engaging. We listen to your needs and ideas, and then advise you on the type of addition and project scope that will best help you reach your goals.

Types of Home Additions

There are many types of room additions to consider. When we work with clients we take time to review the house as a whole, how it functions and consider all the possibilities available for your project. We fully assess the home as a part of the project scope, and look at factors like the home’s existing electrical system, HVAC, and plumbing lines. This due diligence helps avoid surprises over the course of the project. Here are some of the more common home additions we’ve built over the years:

Outside Structures

Extend your living space and connect the inside to the outside with the addition of a porch or sun room.

Small Scale Bump-outs

Adding a dining bay or window seat can be a major architectural asset to a home. These small scape additions offer big value in opening up an otherwise tight and dark space.

Room Additions

An inviting new family room or master bedroom suite can add great home value and much needed space to growing families.

Second-story Additions

If you’ve got a narrow lot, sometimes the only option is to go up. We’ll work with an architect, engineer, and local town boards to make sure all the bases are covered.

Wing Additions

Sometimes you need more than a single room, and in that case you may want to add on an entire wing to your home. If your lot accommodates the plan, it can offer substantial added living space to your home.

Two-story Additions

Less common, but sometimes the perfect solution for the space, a two-story addition can deliver double the space for the build-able footprint on your lot.

We Build Around Your Family & Household Activities

Home Additions

Creating beautiful spaces for you and your family to relax is our passion.

For all our home additions, we create a detailed cleanup plan and walk all contractors through the home to educate them on what must be protected. Here are some of the steps we take to protect you and your furnishings:

  1. Put up dust shields, plastic curtain walls, and assist you to remove furniture and electrical equipment from the work zone.
  2. Create a wide trash path to accommodate the demolition. We lay down plastic and cardboard to protect interior floors.
  3. Help you plan and set up living arrangements so you have a clean and safe place to cook and operate during the construction phase.

A great home addition design doesn’t necessarily mean a costly, complicated project, and we won’t settle for anything less than an outstanding outcome. We create home additions that are stylish and full of character and see the big picture for your home dreams. After all, a successful home addition is not just about creating more living space, but bringing families together and strengthening relationships.

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